Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My beginnings in Photography

I quit my job in November of 2005 and decided to continue school full time. I figured that I'd just dump my responsibilites and go back to being a pre-teen again, sit around and let my parents take care of everything. To be honest, I grew restless sitting at home. Having worked so hard as a cashier for the previous year, I felt extremely uncomfortable doing nothing.

Every second that I sat still, playing my Playstation, I could feel the world passing me by. It wasn't long before I started looking for something to do. In spite of my previous apprehensions I went searching for work once again.

I was nervous about working for a non-profit, but I got over it quickly. I wanted to work, even if it meant volunteering. My first big project involving the Tutor Mentor exchange was at a leadership conference for non-profit owners. I took my camera, along with my knowledge of digital photography, and got to work.