Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Blog Exchange/May Conference

I think I'm getting the hang of this Blog Exchange idea. Dan spoke to me again about it last week as I nodded in curiosity. It's a program of organized and aggressive networking in which Non-Profit bloggers seek out associations with like-minded individuals. I also read an online article which outlined a few ways to use non-profits to support a specific cause. Networkers add their blogs to a list of blogs and then choose blogs from other blogs to comment on.

When Dan Bassil reminded me that this year's Non-Profit Networking conference would be held in May, I was more than prepared to take on my role from last year. It was fun to be working to help a cause such as this and I have a few new ideas 2007: mainly I want to supplement the pictures with a few audio recordings that can be posted on this blog along with the images that I take. I think I'm going to have to look into this idea a bit further. The speakers may not want their words widely distributed outside of the conference. I'll be sure to ask each speaker if it's ok before I record them.

A new camera may be in order as well. The comparatively old Digital camera that was used last year didn't do too well in low light. There were a few good Cameras on sale recently. One was around $199 and it came with optical image stabilization. Some of the images suffered from excessive blurriness and pixelation; maybe a 5 or 6 megapixel camera with up to 1600 ISO will do.

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ariane said...

John, we would love to have you help out at the Conference in May as you have in past years. The more pictures, the better! Also, your idea of audio recordings is a good one. You might talk to Bec and find out if she is planning to video tape the conference again. You could also help out with that. Thanks for your willingness to be a part of the team!