Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Holiday Party

Working with Cabrini Connections has been a great stress reliever for me. No matter how hectic my work week is, I am always relaxed when I'm there. That's why I want to make it a habit to be their more often this year. On December 21st of last year I was happy to attend the holiday party that was being held at Cabrini Connections. My job was to promote IYP-the Cabrini Connections video club-and maybe convince a few of the children attending the party to join the club.

Before the party got started, Dan Bassil thanked us all for being there. He delivered a message of urgency to the children. He said that if the students work hard, they can have a future of employment, college and fullfilment ahead of them. They will be able to escape from the trap that has claimed so many others; poverty, economic isolation, and failure.

Most of the young children weren't paying attention though. They just wanted to decorate Christmas cookies and have fun. I think it's better that they don't understand just yet how critical these resources are for them. Kids should have the time to be kids. They shouldn't have to start worrying about adult stuff so early. I wish I had known about Cabrini Connections when I was younger.

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Tutor Mentor Connections said...

Thanks John for using your blog to show what the teens and volunteers at Cabrini Connections do each week and for showing how we're bringing tutor/mentor program supporters together for the May and November conferences.

The next conference is in May and the web site is http://www.tutormentorconference.org

I hope you'll join with us.